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2023 rFGP (NA) Round 9 Penalties

2023 rFGP (NA) Round 9

Plaintiff: Zach Fischer (15392)

Defendant: Nicolas Marchini (35445)

Class: MXGP

Moto: Moto 1

Time: 21:10, 24:20 and all inbetween

Description: Nico, clearly frustrated, begins riding without consideration for other racers. He very obviously begins just sending everything, riding recklessly, throwing backflips and at 24:20 even goes backwards on the track after falling to take out the position behind him. Too many issues here to list, it's just not the kind of behavior we should see out there no matter the frustration.


Verdict: 1 week suspension for reckless racing, unsafe track re-entry and racing leaders as a lapper