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2023 rF Nationals (EU) Round 10 Penalties

2023 rF Nationals (EU) Round 10

Plaintiff: Caleb Hall (10047)

Defendant: Jack Mark (49207)

Class: Open 250 Motocross

Moto: Moto 2

Time: 0:37,24:00,30:15

Description: just before 37 seconds in i took the main line and jumped into Jack i guess since he wasnt there on my screen from his NZ lag and then bad track reentry. 24 mins i miss the rut and he slows up and turns out and over the ruts trying to use his lag to kill me and failed. 30:15 i cant tell if he was trying to use his lag to kill me again or my goonienest made him tuck inside and get barked on


Verdict: Final warning for lag-related incidents, warning for aggressive racing.