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2023 rFGP (NA) Round 8 Penalties

2023 rFGP (NA) Round 8

Plaintiff: carl novak (24545)

Defendant: Tom Quenot (30751)

Class: MX2

Moto: moto 2

Time: 29:57, 31:39, 31:40, 32:19, 32:27,

Description: Tom has 2 bad track re-entry's then targets me twice after


Verdict: 1 week suspension for unsafe track re-entry and targeting.


Plaintiff: Frank Jackson (12581)

Defendant: Austin Brydges (39269)

Class: MXGP

Moto: Moto 1

Time: 27:11

Description: I was just minding my own business and blud wasn't too pumped on it I guess.


Verdict: Suspended for the remainder of the series.