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2023 Supercross (AM) Round 7 Penalties

2023 Supercross (AM) Round 7

Plaintiff: Tyson Parliament (20904)

Defendant: Johannes Strandberg (47804)

Class: Open Amateur Supercross

Moto: main event 3

Time: 8:10

Description: made a small mistake and landed long on the over under and i thought i gave him enough room and he comes all the way left and take my front end off causing us both to crash


Verdict: Racing incident, no penalty.


Plaintiff: bryec lizarraga (48865)

Defendant: Jacob Arnbrister (19747)

Class: Open Amateur Supercross

Moto: Main Event 2

Time: 4:59

Description: made a clean pass before the triple and finish line corner I get t-boned for no reason. Told me after the race he was trying too move for leaders we were not getting lapped no reason to do that.


Verdict: 1 week suspension for intentionally cutting the track to takeout a racer.