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2022 RFGP (NA) Round 8 Penalties

2022 RFGP (NA) Round 8

Plaintiff: Seth Shirley (31547)

Defendant: Brayden Tharp (26349)

Class: MX2

Moto: Moto 1

Time: 0:00 - 0:09

Description: I have half a bike length on him from halfway down the straight, and he pins it into the side of me into the first turn. He then admits to targeting me Targeting Evidence: ---


Verdict: Tharp is hit from the inside, making him collide with Shirley. First turn incident, no penalty.


Plaintiff: Jack Mark (49207)

Defendant: Jacob Arnbrister (19747)

Class: MXGP

Moto: Moto 2

Time: 23:44

Description: I clearly have the outside line there are two inside ruts but chooses to pin it to me and kill me

Verdict: No demo provided. Invalid protest.