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2022 rF Nationals (AM) Round 8 Penalties

2022 rF Nationals (AM) Round 8

Plaintiff: carl novak (24545)

Defendant: Jacob Arnbrister (19747)

Class: 450 Amateur Motocross

Moto: moto 1

Time: 15:35, 13:27

Description: dude checks up and sends it up my inside to try to pass me and move me out of the rut luckily I didn't go down. and a lap before at the mechanics area a horrible track reentry taking out fellow vurb rider Brett Thomas.


Verdict: No incident happened at the time provided involving Novak.


Plaintiff: carl novak (24545)

Defendant: brandon cocroft (14002)

Class: 250 Amateur Motocross

Moto: moto 2

Time: 2:18

Description: Brandon come from the banners to the middle of the track

Verdict: Invalid protest, incorrect class provided.