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2022 Nationals (EU) Round 5 Penalties

2022 Nationals (EU) Round 5

Plaintiff: Thomas Bento (17383)

Defendant: Luca Schwerdtner (26802)

Class: Open 250 Motocross

Moto: Moto 1

Time: 17:30

Description: Luca is a lap (even few laps since he stopped for like 4 or 5 mins next to the track in the pit lane) and he was thinking it was a great idea to do a 360/underflip or whatever right in front of me and actually clean me out. And like usual when he's not up front he was doing some randy shit and trolling before finally quit the race.


Verdict: 2 week suspension for reckless racing.


Plaintiff: Ryan Decelas (11891)

Defendant: Caleb Hall (10047)

Class: Open 450 Motocross

Moto: EU Redbud : Moto 2

Time: 11 min 30 sec

Description: he changes lanes then brakes in front to knock me down


Verdict: Racing incident no penalty.