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2022 AMA Nationals (PRO) Round 3 Penalties

2022 AMA Nationals (PRO) Round 3

Plaintiff: Seth Carr (33662)

Defendant: Jeff Giffen (30089)

Class: 250 Motocross

Moto: moto 1

Time: 30:33

Description: Does a front flip then lets me by and 5 wides me as a lapper.


Verdict: Indefinitely suspended.


Plaintiff: Johnny Podonyi (5253)

Defendant: Shaun Hambrook (34901)

Class: 250 Motocross

Moto: Moto 2

Time: 6:36 - 6:44

Description: Hambrooks internet punts me when hes in a completely different rut

Verdict: Invalid demo link