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2021 rF Nationals (AM) Round 6 Penalties

2021 rFNationals (AM) Round 6

Plaintiff: Nicolas Orlando (29418)

Defendant: Bobby McKnight (31262)

Class: 250 Amateur Motocross

Moto: Qualifying

Time: 1:22 - 2:05 - 11:20

Description: This person was taking people out for no reason on a qualifying server ( He also went on the wrong direction just to take me out. I didnt have a name or number on game, but i cheak his UID on rF racers and his name is Bobby McKnight (Bobby Biglines on game). Hope u ban this person from rF.

Verdict: No link to the server. Invalid protest.


Plaintiff: Nick NIles (20656)

Defendant: Joseph Naia (37385)

Class: 250 Amateur Motocross

Moto: moto 2

Time: 25:31

Description: rider was sitting in front of the finish and wasn't moving and costed me 2 positions and a better over all.

Verdict: No link to the demo. Invalid protest.


Plaintiff: Joseph Arico (34999)

Defendant: george knight (49849)

Class: 250 Amateur Motocross

Moto: 250 Moto 1

Time: Last Lap

Description: Last lap of the race for the win and he's a lapper cuts across the track and kills me costing me the win and 3 points in the championship

Verdict: No time provided. Invalid protest.


Plaintiff: Lane Burkes (11747)

Defendant: Elias Jonsson (26964)

Class: 450 Amateur Motocross

Moto: Moto 2

Time: 17:14

Description: It didn't happen to me, but no one correctly protested him last week and I think he should be dealt with for things like this. His 2nd moto from last week demo just for reference because nobody provided a link Elias goes down after Mt Martin and after rejoining the race, cuts track to take out Sam Lancellotti.

Verdict: Lane was not involved in the incident. No penalty.


Plaintiff: Brent Heintzelman (683)

Defendant: carson west (42576)

Class: 450 Amateur Motocross

Moto: Moto 1

Time: 10:29.9

Description: Carson West in P37 went 5th gear straight into Josh Bellinger P8. No reasoning for it. Just kid non-sense that goes on in these events and I hope rF starts showing examples of why you don't do dumb stuff with a heavy suspension on this guy.


Verdict: 6 week suspension for intentionally punting a leader.