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2021 rF Nationals (EU) Round 6 Penalties

2021 rF Nationals (EU) Round 6

Plaintiff: Loris Modard (23106)

Defendant: Noa Houque (25473)

Class: Open 250 Motocross

Moto: Race 1

Time: 17:56

Description: Noa is doing a really sportive move, superb job, it's like the 3rd time I protest him, make something for this asshole


Verdict: Warning for aggressive racing,


Plaintiff: Noa Houque (25473)

Defendant: Loris Modard (23106)

Class: Open 250 Motocross

Moto: Moto1

Time: 12.45

Description: Loris ride any way, he’s trying to take me down, it’s not the first time before I didn’t say anything but it’s starting to get boring! an example


Verdict: No incident occurred at the time provided. No penalty.