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2021 MotoOption Supercross RD 17 AM Penalties

2021 MotoOption Supercross RD 17 AM

Plaintiff: Tukker Noah McLean (33089)

Defendant: Tukker Noah McLean (33089)

Class: 250 Amateur Supercross

Moto: Qualifying

Time: 30 seconds and 2:30

Description: cleaned me out once i let it go and two laps later does the same thing and says he just felt like it

Verdict: Invalid protest


Plaintiff: ethan holland (16925)

Defendant: jacob kingsfield (39754)

Class: 250 Novice Supercross

Moto: Qualifying

Time: 5:00

Description: Dudes just in here to ruin laps

Verdict: Invalid protest. No link to the server